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A number of CVA Illustration students contributed work to the Flint Hills 2011 International Children’s Festival. Their work can be seen in the Discovery Garden in Hamm Plaza.

Another new and exciting element for the Discovery Garden are the Garden’s Discovery Boxes!  Created by seniors (actually sophomores and juniors as well) in the Illustration Program under the direction of Professor James O’Brien at the College of Visual Art, these pieces will offer young patrons a chance to peek into a miniature world, boasting  full scale illustrations and diaramas  inspired by the touring companies of the 2011 Festival!

Illustration by Katie McMurray, class of 2012.

> Deadline is March 25th.
> $15 per entry. Info here.
> Instructions here.
> Enter online here.

This competition is open to all current undergraduate college students. Submit up to five of your best illustrations by April 1st. Send your images to social@workbook.com.

Save each image for web, RGB, 72ppi. Make the longest side 800 pixels.

Winners will receive a free one-year Workbook membership with their own portfolio to showcase their work to thousands of potential clients.

All who submit will receive a free t-shirt.

Let me know if you have any questions, good luck!

Save the Children Nepal Project

Todd Blathazor (2011) and Sam Basques (2013) created drawings for the Save the Children Nepal Project, coordinated by Pam McCarthy. These drawings will be used in Nepal by Pam to promote positive family values to Nepalese fathers.

In the photos above, Todd and Illustration Chair James O’Brien met with Pam to show her the drawings created by Todd and Sam.

Welcome back!

Hey everyone, a belated welcome back to a frigid start to our “spring” semester (although it’s a bit warmer this week, thankfully). Here are some department updates for Spring 2011:

+ We have three new instructors this semester: Nancy Carlson is teaching the Children’s Book segment of the Children’s Book & Graphic Novel course. Nancy is an accomplished children’s book illustrator and author with more than sixty published books. Her work has received awards and recognition from Reading Rainbow, the International Reading Association and Children’s Book Council, and the Minnesota Children’s Museum. Here’s Nancy’s website.

+ In March, Zak Sally will take over the class, teaching the Graphic Novel segment. Zak is an Eisner- Award nominated cartoonist. His works include the ongoing Sammy The Mouse comic, Like A Dog (both from Fantagraphics Books), and Recidivist. He also owns and operates La Mano, a small publishing house whose artists include John Porcellino, Kim Deitch and others. He also makes records and does other junk when time permits. Here’s Zak’s La Mano website.

+ Francesca Buchko is teaching Concept Art & Character Design this semester, an advanced digital illustration class focusing on digital painting with Corel Painter and advanced Adobe Illustrator techniques. Francesca’s product design and illustration work can be found in Target, Kohl’s, Walgreens, and Walmart to name a few. She also is an avid comic book artist and biker. Here’s Francesca’s website.

+ Allen Brewer is in Ireland this semester, bumping into a number of O’Briens he tells me. Check his FB profile for updates (nice specs!).

+ I am reviewing work from last semester and have to say that I am quite impressed! I’ve seen some great examples of hand lettering from both Rick Peterson‘s and Andy Powell‘s classes, as well as some great work from Allen Brewer’s Advanced Applied Illustration course. Rick Peterson also introduced the Sophomores to the curriculum in his Illustration Concepts course (and I am privileged to be teaching them this semester in my Digital Illustration course).

+ By the way, Rick Peterson joined the CVA Illustration Department last semester, coming in to teach the Illustration Concepts course, and then picking up an additional Hand Lettering course. Rick is a colleague of mine who has created illustrations for Random House, Simon & Shuster, the Wall Street Journal, Target, and Reader’s Digest to name a few. Rick’s work is created using Photoshop, gouache, and pencil. Here’s Rick’s website.

+ This semester, I will be putting up student work for display throughout, watch for new work to begin going up this week, third floor in Summit.

+ Last semester I set up a pilot program for color printing; low cost, quick turnaround, more friendly than Kinko’s, free coffee and Pixy-Stix. Unfortunately something happened to the printer over break preventing it from powering up so alas, color printing is temporarily unavailable, but I’m working at fixing this, will keep you posted.

+ Outside my office are two display frames that I am using to display the work of selected illustration master-blasters. Last semester I exhibited the classic and cool figurative poster work of James McMullan. This semester I’m exhibiting the incredibly awesome and humbling work of James Jean (is there anything this guy can’t do?!).

+ This semester, I hope to announce some exciting awesome news involving an exhibit opportunity for students, more to come (really excited and awesomed!).

+ Illustration Club is rolling along, watch for news of the next meeting, coming in early February. door prizes! demos! food!!

+ AIGA-MN just announced their spring national student membership. A mere $50 will get you a year’s membership. Students due for membership renewal between Jan 31 and May 31 are included. My goal is full membership of both the Design and Illustration departments, that’s an addition of more than 50 students. Hop on the bus! Join the fun! Network with your future clients (man, c’mon, this is a no-brainer)! Get discounts for upcoming AIGA events, more than pays for membership! Plus each new member will be placed into a lottery for full reimbursement of their $50, one lucky new illo major member will get a free ride their first year, complements of the illo department! AIGA’s membership drive begins Feb 1 and goes through Feb 21.

+ Buttons! watch for a new button soon! Stop by my office to get your “CVA illo” button and your Lifelong Learning illo button if you haven’t already picked one up.

Thank you for a successful start to our new fully independent department! Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions. Keep up the great work!

Illo club meeting!

CVA‘s Illustration Club will meet this Friday, December 17, in Summit 203, from noon-3pm. All are welcome. Join in and discuss, create, and experiment. Treats provided.


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